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You ever wonder why so many people are so gung ho to start a new something one day, then it all falls apart after a short time? I certainly do, and I have been guilty of it countless times. I suppose I could blame it on ADD…I could blame it on our commercialized society…I could blame it on the busy lives we’ve created for ourselves…

In reality, I am the only one that can be held accountable for what I do. I attract, distract, and retract everything that happens. What I do about it is what creates the result.

You can get a bunch of new ideas from reading a book, magazine, meeting with people, listening, and meditating. However if you do not take action and be consistent, chances are your idea will be worthless. Thanks to Edd Goerger, a business coach I know, for enlightening me with his terminology.

How or why do we hold ourselves accountable for everything we do, for everything that happens, for all of it?
I suppose the obvious is: A belief that I am the only one responsible for everything that happens.

Someone would say, “how can I be responsible for that car running into me”. I say, “how can you not…you were there.” It is really tough for most people to get their arms around be help accountable for everything that happens. I believe that there is a significant lack in this area around the United States, and probably the world. Some cultures have definitely figured out how to hold people accountable, mostly by fear. Fear is an interesting topic to be discussed later.
If you fear something enough, you will definitely think twice about doing it.

Let’s say that you do believe that you are held accountable for everything. You are a product of your environment. How to you make the right lifestyle changes, decisions, and hold yourself accountable to your decisions? You have find a reason WHY that is big enough for you to make the right choices. I have a big WHY in many areas of my life.

My WHY categories are: Family, Health, Spiritual, Financial, What I do, Service. What is really cool is how many interact with each other.

I know for me when I eat healthy, exercise and have fun, my family life is better, enjoy what I do better, I have more energy to give to others. Coincidence? I think not.

I was out playing hockey the a bunch of kids the other day and I was the only parent out there having fun mentoring and learning from the kids. It was a blast. So many parents just drop them off, let the rink be the mentor, and miss out on a ton of fun with kids. I remember the few times growing up when I really had fun with my parents, or others parents. I still remember those moments today. They definitely made a positive impact on me. Unfortunately there were not too many of those moments.

What is your WHY? It may take you years to figure that out. If you just allow yourself to live in the moment, meditate, do what you love to do, your WHY will jump out at you, just be ready to catch it.

Have an ABUNDANCE ATTITUDE toward every aspect of your life. Know that everyday you do make a difference in the lives of others. What kind of difference? Positive? Negative? Passive? Think about every interaction and how that will impact the people they will meet right after you.

To your Abundance!

Steve Aune


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