Posted by: Steve Aune | June 13, 2009

90 Days

You can do anything you really want to do for 90 days.  Just 90 days.  Planning your work seems to happen 90 days at a time.  Planning to train for a major event seems to come close to 90 days of preparation.   When I am working, I tend to focus on my marketing plans 90 days at a time.  Our world seems to revolve around 90 days.   Think of  spring, summer, fall, winter.  All about 90 days unless you live in ND, where winter is a tad longer and summer a tad shorter.

Think about all of the things you do that you do well.  Whether you realize it or not, I’ll bet that you stuck with it for 90 days at a time to do it well.  This can be broken down for everything you do.  Think of kids for instance:  If you work with your child to help them create a 90 day plan for something, I’ll bet that if you stick with it for the full 90 days your kids will adapt that plan for the rest of their lives.  You may not see the results immediately, however some day you will.

Eating habits are another area where a 90 day plan would really be beneficial.  Create a plan to eat healthy for 90 days and document how you feel daily based on what you eat.  Just 90 days, that is all.  You will be amazed at the results.  It is easy to do, yet it is easy not to do.  If you knew without a doubt that if you did this for 90 days that it would change your life, then do it.  If you should, and you could, then just do it.

Budgets:  I work with a lot of people and most do not live by a montly budget.  Knowing where your money is going every month is critical to money management and happiness dealing with money.  I also believe that it is a must teach to your kids.  Try this for 90 days:  Track where every dollar goes for 90 days.  Look at your monthly bank statements and save all receipts, write down everything you pay cash for.  Even the small things.  Then each month categorize where the spending went.  After 90 days you will have a good idea of what is coming in and what is going out, more importantly…WHERE IT IS GOING!  Once you do this for 90 days, you will be committed to following the program forever.  This process is truly rewarding and helps you appreciate money.  Money is to be controlled by us and used by us, not the other way around.  Don’t let money get in your way of happiness and the pursuit of a great life.  Pay yourself first, share, then spend the rest.

The whole 90 day planning process will take practice.  You may want to start off with some easier plans first, you may want to start several in different areas of your life.  Either way, get started now.  If you would like more info on how to implement a 90 day plan, please email me at: and I will help you.

To you abundance,

Steve Aune


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