Posted by: Steve Aune | December 7, 2009

90-day Plan for P90X Doubles

I have always enjoyed exercise, working out, lifting weights, playing sports, whatever got my juices flowing and fired up my competitiveness.  Throughout my twenties, I focused on a little lifting, some cardio and a lot of fun sports.  Played some hockey, volleyball, softball, etc.  Purely for the entertainment and social aspect of it tho.

In my thirties, I tried to get into lifting again, however without that workout partner and the lack of desire to join a gym, I found myself just running and doing cardio stuff.  By my late thirties, while I was in pretty good cardio shape, my muscles were getting smaller and I was getting hurt more easily.  I knew I had to do something to change that pattern.  I also knew that I needed to lift as I got older because you lose so much muscle mass as you age.  I had better figure out how to fix this situation.

So about a year ago I started this crazy workout plan called P90X.  A friend of mine turned me on to this awesome workout routine.  For me it has been so many things:  Workout partner, push me to my limits partner, enable me to workout from my home, something my wife enjoys, and most of all, I can share it with others and help them achieve their fitness goals and dreams.

There is a period of time in our life where we get lost in working so hard for other people, and  some of us neglect ourselves.  I think everyone experiences it, however few catch it early enough, others have it surprise them via heart attack or diabetes.  I challenge everyone to take charge of your fitness future now!  Without your health, what do you have?

Here is how I started:

October 2008, I started the P90X Lean program to get my core in shape and introduce me to lifting again.  I was also doing a little running, however not much due to a bruised foot, so I wanted to take it easy.  Then in December I bruised my elbow so bad I could not do a pushup for a month.  I still fought through the pain to get most of the workouts done, however not to their full potential.  After that healed, I separated my shoulder playing broomball in Feb of 2009.  NOT GOOD!  For 2 weeks I couldn’t do a whole lot, a little running was all I could muster up, and my foot was still bothering me to run more than 3 times per week.  In March of 2009 the Fargo-Moorhead area was hit with the worst flooding we have ever seen, and I helped out by throwing a lot of sandbags.  So I had a bad shoulder, sore foot, and consequently aggravated my back really bad.  For the next two months I could not do a whole lot.  My running stopped completely, lifted very little due to the back/hip pain.  After months of therapy, I got back after it.

When I started again in June of 2009, I skipped plyometrics because it tended to stress my hip flexor, glutes, and low back too much.  By July I was feeling it and gave plyo a try and hurt my back really bad.  Needless to say I hung up all cardio workouts for a while.  No running, no kenpo, no cardio x, no biking, nothing.  I stuck to lifting. 

By only lifting throughout those months, I had a hard time burning off the fat I was carrying, and I did not eat/drink all that well either.  However I was getting stronger.

In September I decided to try doing some cycling in my basement on the bike trainer.  The reason I chose this method is that riding outside on the bumpy pavement really aggravated my back.  I took it easy riding 3-4 days a week for about a month, just riding to get my body used to it.  I kept lifting throughout this process too.  In October I decided to hit P90X Doubles to see if I could rip the fat off my body while building muscle.

I lost 1 inch off my waist if the first 30 days!  Pretty good for me as my waist is the last place to lose it.  My weight is staying about the same, and I am not on a strict diet.  It is a lifestyle choice for me, so a diet is not in my vocabulary.

I got a chest cold two weeks into the doubles session, however now I am in week 6 and I am kickin it hard!  It is so much fun.  For my bike workouts I use Coach Troy Jacobson’s Spinerval Workouts, and some TrainRight stuff from Chris Carmichael.  Other than that it is all P90X!  I want to try Insanity after the first of the year.

I am almost half way through the 90-day plan, and we are hitting the holidays.  Needless to say I am not on track from a nutrition perspective.  This past week was my best workout week with: 

                              Wed-Spinerval in AM       Hockey PM   Chest/Shldrs/Tris/Abs PM                                                                                

                              Thurs- Spinervals in AM

                              Fri – Spinerval in AM                 Back/bi’s/abs in PM

                              Sat – Yoga in AM                         Hockey-AM   Spinervals in PM

                              Sun – Spinervals in AM              Hockey PM,     legs/back/abs PM

                              Mon – Kenpo X

What a great week of working out!!!  My legs were trashed by Sunday Afternoon, toughest leg workout ever.  I have a long way to go.

I have so many friends that are now working out with P90x, all bringing it to the next level and it is so much fun. 

My next post will be with my before measurements, mid measurements, and photos.

To your Health and Abundance!

Steve Aune


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