Posted by: Steve Aune | January 25, 2010

Why do we get all worked up over things we cannot control?

Why do we get all worked up over things we cannot control?

Yes I got all worked up over the Vikings loss last night too.  Afterward, I was lying in bed pondering why I should feel the effects of a loss that I did not take part in.  I had no control over the game, I was not in the game, I was in the stands(via TV).  Yet I still felt the loss.  I suppose I was feeling it for the players of the Vikings.  I think they were the better team and although they did not win, I sure wanted them to. 

I believe that most of us are in the stands, not really in the game, and that includes me.  Think about the different areas of your life.  Are you in the game or in the stands?  Think about your relationships.  Are you in the game of your relationships, playing to “make a difference?”  Or are you in the stands in your relationships, going about  your relationships & avoiding any discomfort or dialogue to take them to the next level?  How about in your health?  Are you in the stands on your true health?  Or, are you in the game?  GET IN THE GAME!

Everyone I talk to that has had an illness or something similar happen to them or someone they love, specifically talks about how important it is to have good health.   Without it, life may not be as enjoyable and you may not be able to do the things you want to do.  So why are so many people still in the stands on good health?   Think of all the excuses you hear throughout the day from people about how they do not have time to work out?  “I will start my diet tomorrow. ” There is no tomorrow!(Apollo Creed to Rocky)!  It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.  You do not choose a diet, you choose to live a certain lifestyle.  Choose to live a healthy, fit, vital lifestyle today.  Once you do it for 6 months, you will crave it!  The challenge in choosing a healthy lifestyle is the law of gestation.  You have to stick with it for 6 months for you to alter your current lifestyle philosophy.  Nobody said it would be easy, of course there are those out there that would say it is easy.  6 months?  That’s easy.

I am certainly not perfect in the nutrition area.  I do eat well most of the time and then I have my moments of glory where I fall prey to chips & dip(personal favorite), or the fries.   Don’t forget the meal of hops & barley, love my beer.  Beer is probably the biggest downfall in my lifestyle.  I don’t let it control my life, however I enjoy an occasional beer or two.  Once great way to increase your nutrition intake is Shakeology.  Simply the best there is for meal replacements.  It is packed with the nutrients your body needs to function properly.  I lost 2 inches around my waist in my first 2 months of taking shakeology.  I have two more to go! to check it out.

I love to exercise though.  There is nothing better to start the day like good ole fashion exercise.  I am a big believer in exercising first thing in the morning to get the blood flowing, get your metabolism rising, and burn some fat in the process.  You have to stick it out for 6 months(heard that before) and then your body will CRAVE morning exercise.  It will be the very best thing you do for yourself and your body.  Get up an hour earlier and get it done!

What areas of your life are you in the GAME?  Really in the GAME?  Not as many as you think.  Like me and many others, we avoid certain things in our lives to make them more comfortable or easy.  The bigger problems you tackle, the more likely you are “in the game”.  I don’t mean to assume that you must have problems to be “in the game”, however if you really are “making a difference”, the problems will find you as someone needs to tackle what is going on and that usually is a problem.  Everyone views them differently and you may think it is not really a problem for you, however it could be a major one for others.  If it is not a problem for you, that tells me that you are not going BIG enough.  Get out of your comfort zone, stand for something, and get out there and “get in the game” and “make a difference”.  Start today!

When you find yourself getting worked up over things you cannot control, like sports, then choose to channel that energy into something that you can control.  Don’t waste time getting worked up over things that do not directly impact you and you have no control over the outcome.  This is tough as your philosophy has been programmed to think that way for a long time.  So don’t think your philosophy will change over night.

Read or listen to “Excuses Begone”, by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Outstanding book.  He recommends 3 books in there as well.  Read those too.

I invite you to get off your ass and start getting in the game in all areas of your life.  Take on more than you can handle, and after a while you will be able to handle that and more. 

To your Abundance in Attitude and Health!

Steve Aune


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