Posted by: Steve Aune | March 21, 2010



Talk about great workouts, these two really make you work harder than most people have ever worked in their life.  The cool thing is that you get results and you get them fast.  We all seem to struggle with some instant gratification, and these workouts will definitely get you some results fast.  Take these two and add the right eating lifestyle and nutrition and look out, you will never feel better.  Note that I did not say diet…  It is a lifestyle.

I have completed two sessions on the P90X program and packed on 15lbs of muscle & I feel great.  I had to limit my cardio workouts due to a sore foot and some glute issues that restricted my ability to run, bike, and plyo for sure.   Now that my rehab is over and I am getting into more cardio training, & I wanted to check out the hype on the INSANITY workouts, since I really wanted to rip off some fat & work on my cardio I figured why not.

I am a big believer that you have to use the workout routines that you enjoy, yet they have to push you past  your usual limits.  If you do not have that ache in your gut afterward where you feel a bit woosy, then you are not working hard enough.  That is what these two workouts give you…that woosy feeling, yet it feels great.  You are not going to get great results by doing a half assed workout.

P90X is really about building or toning your muscles & burning off fat.  If you take in a lot calories and eat smart and hit the workouts hard, you will put on size.  If you are eating right and keeping the calorie intake down, then you will burn a ton of fat while toning your muscles without putting on much size.  I opted for the high calorie when I started because I am in my forties now and my muscle mass was going fast.  I wanted to put some size on to prepare for my fifties and beyond.  As we get older our muscle mass fades faster.

INSANITY is giving me an outstanding cardio/interval training workout with core and resistance as added bonuses.  If you are a P90Xer, you will be doing plyo and core synergistics in hyper mode.  It is completely different from P90X in that regard.  No weights.  It will definitely get you in shape fast!  INSANITY also has a great ab workout that will really strengthen your core.  P90X has the Ab Ripper X workout that makes you feel it every time you do the workout.  It is awesome.   A strong core feels so good!  I want to do some mountaineering this summer and every year after, so I am excited to have these workouts to help me improve my fitness level.

You should really pace yourself when starting these programs, don’t go in too hard and fast or you could get hurt.  It is not a sprint, it is a marathon.  If you are smart you will be planning to do these workouts for the rest of your life.

Try them both, they have a 30-day money back guarantee.  You will get great results if you work hard.  The really cool thing is that you get to do it from your home!  I really like that with my busy family life.  Plus my kids get to see me working out and they join in too, it is good for the whole family.

To your health and abundance,

Steve Aune


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