Posted by: Steve Aune | January 20, 2011

My Blood Type

Man o man is this a painful process….well, not painful in the sense that I am hurt.  Trying to do a complete 180 on my nutrition from what I was used to doing for so many years.  I have to tell you tho that I feel GREAT when I stick to the recommended foods for my blood type, and I suffer when I don’t.

My blood type is “A”, so according to Dr. D’Adamo I should be following a vegetarian diet.  Furthermore, I should be doing moderate exercise!  Not going to happen anytime soon.  While I really enjoy how I feel and how my body responds to the vegetarian diet, I find myself looking for meat to eat.  I realize that I have to fight thru that temptation, however it is very hard to do.  Another temptation is sweets.  Jenny is a darn good cook and she bakes some great sweets that I love to eat.  I once went about a year without sweets and I really tried to cut out all refinded sugar as well, with the exception of a good beer.  Now it seems harder to cut out those sweets again.   I don’t want to cut them out completely, just  limit myself to one day a week.

The really cool thing about the blood type diet is that I lost about 5lbs of fat weight in a couple of weeks.  Fat that I was struggling to lose prior.  I still have a long way to go and I really need to get down to 160 before we run the Imogene Pass Race in Sept.  My strength is as good as ever, my core is stronger than ever, so getting down to 160 while maintaining my muscle mass and growing it in some areas will be a challenge.  Gotta cut out the sugars.

My workouts have been great, did an hour on the bike this morning followed by back/bi’s and I can still crank out 20 unassisted wide grip pull ups!  I used to struggle with the corn cobs unassisted, however I am crankin those out too.

Do you wake up with achy joints?  I used to.  What if your achy joints were caused by some food you ingest on a regular basis that your body does not like?  Is that possible?  I believe it is.  If you wake up with achy joints for no apparent reason(strenuous exercise), then I would suggest eliminating one food for two weeks every two weeks until you figure out what is causing it.  For me it is nuts, eggs, almonds, barley.  Nuts and Eggs hit me the worst.  When I eat them and feel anxious and I fell the need to eat all day long.  I don’t eat healty food either.  Then I get the achy joints.  My ankles ache, my knees and low back will ache.  When I stay away from those foods, I feel great!  Coincidence?  I think not!  You owe it to yourself to test your body.  Start with nuts, eliminate them for two weeks and notice how you feel.  Then re-introduce them into your diet for 2-3 consecutive days.  You will know immediately whether or not you have an intolerance to them.  Then move onto eggs, dairy, etc.

If you want to live a life of abundance and live to your maximum capabilities, then you need to try this process…WHAT IF?

Steve Aune


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