Posted by: Steve Aune | February 23, 2011

Is it working?

It’s been two years since I separated my shoulder.  Hard to believe that it goes by that fast.  I am remembering the pain I was in and then in March of 2009 we had to do all the sandbagging and shoveling that I ended up aggravating my hip and back due to over use of one side because of my separated shoulder.   That was an expensive injury with all of the rehab I went thru.  Good thing an insurance company didn’t have to pay because we utilize a high deductible plan.

After 2 years, my shoulder feels pretty good.  There are times when it does bother me, however not near as often as it would if it were my right shoulder as I am right-handed.  While doing arm curls I feel it which is weird that I would notice it during arm curls.  Now my right shoulder has had a history of rotator cuff issues.  This has since gone away due to muscle work and nutrition(I believe).  However, my chest is developing different where one side is noticeably better developed than the other.  I think this is related to my shoulders.  I must be using my chest to help compensate for a deficiency in one of my shoulders.   The challenge is to figure out how.  I am sure that it is happening during pushups as well.

Core work is going extremely well.  I have never felt stronger and I am excited to hit the streets running once it warms up.  This is the year to kick bare foot running into high gear!  I am fired up.  You’ll see me at races in the 5-finger Vibram shoes.  The core is the key to all fitness.  Not just your ABS, your whole core.  It is cool to see my midsection develop once I finally chose to work it regularly and I am getting my eating habits in order.  Great ABS are made in the kitchen.

On to nutrition…Eat Right for Your Blood Type is the back bone to my eating habits.  I really believe that Dr. Adamo is spot on when eating the right foods to fuel your body.  I find it interesting that some people think I am weird to follow such an extreme nutrition plan.  All I have to do is consider the possibilities.  What if following this nutrition advise will help me live a happier more energetic life, pain-free?  What if?  It is doing that for me and more!!!  After you follow the plan for a while, you will notice when you eat something that is not fueling your body properly.  It is amazing. 

My biggest gains have come from eliminating almost all processed foods, dairy, breads, and red meat.  I do end up having some of these when eating out, or at someones home, however that does not happen very often and I am not worried about an occasional lapse in nutrition.

My biggest advise for people is how do you know until you’ve tried?  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.  You owe it to yourself to make a difference in your own life, that way  you will have the energy and desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

Eat Right!

Steve Aune


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