Posted by: Steve Aune | April 13, 2011

You are what you eat…

How many times have you heard that line? I am convinced that I have sabotaged my body for years by feeding it what I thought was good for me.  Foods that people consider healthy, in reality are promoting poor health.  I have written about food intolerance, and I am eating right for my blood type and all I can say is that I feel GREAT when I follow my plan.  Then when I veer from it, I notice it immediately. Our society if full of sugar!  No surprise there. What’s more is that we then get full of yeast.  Did you know that your body produces yeast and then you consume even more that fuels the yeast your body cannot handle.  You become a yeast incubator. What does all that mean?  You are on a sugar overload.  Your body will not function properly, you will have a hard time losing weight and especially fat.  I am living proof of that.  Check out some of my photos from just 5-8 months ago and then now and you will see that a small change in my consumption really made a huge impact on my fat content.  It is amazing.   I am not so concerned about how I look as I am concerned about how I feel.  I feel pretty darn good in 30″ waist pants!

a work in progress, still have a ways to go. Steve Aune

Coffee is a yeast incubator as well…hate to tell you that, however you should consider staying off coffee for a couple of weeks to test it on yourself.  What else contributes to it?   Wheat bread!  Yep, that wholesome bread that I always thought was good for you is in reality really bad for you.  So is most bread by the way.  In moderate consumption it is not too bad, however if you consume bread daily like I used to, good luck in your quest for better health. My suggestion and the suggestion of many others is to go Gluten Free as much as possible.  There are tons of products out there to get the necessary carbs without consuming Gluten.  Try it for a couple of weeks on top of your eat right for your type plan.  You will be amazed at your results. I have tried a lot of meal replacements in my life and thus far my favorite is Shakeology.  It is delicious and super nutritious.  Ask me for a free sample and I will get you one. Remember that you will not ever make a difference in your body until to try the necessary changes on yourself first.  It takes a minimum of two weeks to flush out the old crap, so be patient and resilient in your quest for better health! Next up…Pose Running! To your abundance! Steve Aune


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