Posted by: Steve Aune | May 2, 2011

I Have a Weak Core, Do You?

I have a really weak core, and I’ll bet you do too.

I am amazed at how hard I work my core and for how long I have been working it, and it is still not very strong.  Certainly some parts of it are strong, but over all it is very weak.  Part of the problem is I have not been working it hard enough.  I have also been focused on too many of the same exercises that strengthen on or two areas really well, however they miss the boat on other key areas.

I have now been moving towards really diverse core workouts at least 2 days per week.  I am also doing the hip exercises from Pose Running that have been absolutely amazing for my core/hip strength.

Here is a sample of my latest:

Hanging, straight legs, bring feet to ceiling.  20 reps

Hanging, straight legs feet out front and do a little scissor kick. 25 reps.  count every 2.

Hands on floor plank with feet on large balance ball.  Bring feet to chest rolling on the ball then extend back out to plank rolling the ball.  20 reps

Hanging, bring  straight legs and feet to ceiling, swing legs from left to right(windshield wiper) 14 reps.  All I could do with good form.

Do the same ball crunch as #3 however put your hands on an upside down BOSU ball.  20 reps.

Hanging straight leg up to 90 degrees, 20 reps.

Lay on BOSU and do scissor crunches – 30 reps counting every 2.

Oblique v-up, 25 reps per side.

Hanging, straight legs and bring legs up to the outside both at the same time, opposite sides, 15 reps.

Mason twist on BOSU with 12# ball or weight of some sort.  40 reps counting on one side.

heels to the heaven, lie on back straight legs at 90, push heels up and lift your butt in the air.  25 reps.

Plank punches with opposite leg raise with 8# dumbbell or other.  15 reps each side.

Then get a drink of water and repeat the exercise.  Only this time do as many as you can with good form.  As soon as your form goes, stop and move on to the next exercise.

In round 2 I did at least half of round one reps on most, others I hit or exceeded round one.

This was Saturday, and I am still sore today.(Mon)

Then grab the POSE hip workout and do that later in the day.

I will keep you updated on the strength of my CORE!

To your health and abundance,

Steve Aune


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