Posted by: Steve Aune | May 4, 2011

Pose Running update

Well, I have been running about every other day utilizing all of my training to run in perfect POSE!  Dang this old dog sure is hard to change.  What is really cool is that I notice when my form is good and when it turns bad.  When I run in the Vibrams is it really easy to tell when my form changes.  I recently ran in my Altra Instincts, and I struggled keeping my form due to the extra protection on my feet.  I chose these shoes as they are one of the few that I found with no heel height.  What that means is there is no height difference from the forefoot to the heel.  Pretty cool stuff.  Check them out.   They are coming out with some thinner soled shoes this summer, I am excited to check those out.

Jenny and I are training for the Imogene Pass race in September, provided we get in.  Should be interesting for me since I have not been running a ton of miles.  Not to mention training in Fargo isn’t helping.  So we have to do some trail races in MN and SD to prep ourselves.  Looking for suggestions on races or trails!!  PLEASE!!

My core, hip, and hamstring exercises are going well.  It is funny when I tell people how long I work on the core and hips.  They are flabbergasted.   I am getting so much stronger though and I feel great.

Back to the Pose Running…every time I see a runner I always check their form and I am amazed at how bad most of them are.  I did see two people the other day who were clearly trying to POSE run, however watching them was a different story.  At least they are trying.  I wonder if they have read the book, or just got this great idea from a friend to change their running form?

Another area is when people tell me that they are injured.  I want to jump in and bombard them with questions about their hip strength, core strength, flexibility, etc.  Then I want to tell them that they are weak whether they think they are or not, and they have poor running form.  Sounds a bit crazy and I have yet to do that, however I am thinking it and I do bring up what I have done to avoid any injuries since I have started working on all of those areas.

For me it is always “Why Not Try It”?  If I absolutely knew that changing my running form and working on my core strength would help be run pain free, would I do it to the best of my ability?  ABSOLUTELY!

Fired up for a great run this weekend!!!  I have hip and core tomorrow and a major leg workout for Friday!  Can’t wait.

To your health and running abundance,

Steve Aune


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