Posted by: Steve Aune | June 5, 2011

Pain/Injury Free Running Update

Pain free may be an under statement, but for sure I am injury free at last!!!

What I mean by that is when I logged 6 miles this morning, my foot was bothering me about 30  minutes in however I managed to run thru that to finish with minimal pain in the end.  There was some pain and discomfort, however nothing like I used to feel when I was running in my past running life, and pain goes away so quickly now when I am done running, where in the past it would hurt for days.  I call that SUCCESS!

I’ve only been running two-three days a week, so I have to expect some discomfort thru this rediscovery of running.  I am so glad that I took the time off (about a year) I needed to figure out what was causing my foot problems.  Then discovering Pose Tech Running was the icing on the cake!  The exercises and stretching in that book are AWESOME!  I have never felt stronger in my hips and core.  Another great piece of advice is the calf work that I get from Kelly Starrett at Mobility WOD.  Working my calves on my own allowed me to improve my ankle and achilles mobility which improved my form and released my foot.

Running in the Vibram 5 Fingers Komodo has been the absolute best.  Being able to experience running where you can feel every step you take and you can tell immediately when your form goes bad.  While my form still does go bad at times, it is easy for me to regain my form and get back into POSE.  Not sure how the Komodo will do when I do some trail runs?  I will be testing them soon.  I am looking for feedback on the Innov-8 Bare, so if you have run trails in them please give me your feedback on them.  We are doing the Imogene Pass Race in Sept and I need to have the shoes to do it.  I will be running in a minimalist shoe of some sort.

My Running Shoes of Choice

No updates on my Altra Instincts as I have not run in them in a while.  I may revert back to those prior to the race if I have not found a pair to accommodate the rocky terrain.

If you are a runner and you are experiencing pain, or re-occurring injuries, my advise is to seek out competent people who will help you figure out why it is happening, not fill you with remedies.  What I mean by remedies are things like:  “Get some orthodics”, “stretch more”, “keep run thru it”.  A great example of that from my experience is my foot.  The foot Dr. who gets paid way too much for what they do in my opinion, just said “put more support under the ball of your foot, and then you may have to get a cortizone shot, then it may get better.”

What the heck is that all about.

I like the people who say “let’s look at and consider why all this started in the first place.”   The foot Dr. chalked it up to a lot of runners get this.  Well, WHY?  There has to be a reason.  I don’t accept that it just happens.  There is a reason and until you find that out you will have to take some time off and I’d encourage you to refine your running pose and you nutrition by reading “The 5 Forces of Wellness” by Dr Mark Hyman while you are doing that.

Anyway, what I can tell you is that there is a better way if you are willing to take some time off, rebalance a few things in your exercise and nutrition plan, and re-learn how to run.

I’d love to hear some success stories out there!

To your running abundance!

Steve Aune


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