Posted by: Steve Aune | September 17, 2011

Getting Back to Your Core

It all started by this little person being created in my Mom’s core.  There I grew arms, feet, etc.  I began my life in my Mom’s core.  Isn’t that interesting.

Where am I headed with this?  Well, as I age and I am sure you are with me, our core strength gets weaker as we age unless we  work really hard at keeping it strong.  As our core gets weaker, a lot of really bad things start to happen:  Weak hips lead to back and knee problems;  Weak abs lead to back problems and posture problems; Weak obliques and psoas muscles create more problems than you realize.

Runners who run to run and do not spend enough time strengthening their whole core will most likely have an injury to deal with.  They will have a gait issue and someone will recommend orthodics to correct it.  The problem is the issue is not with your gate, it most likely started in your weak core and over time it ended up in your gait.  Just my thinking about how I have repaired my own gate and rid myself of nasty orthodics which I used to swear by them.

What is really interesting about your core is that it is the foundation to build upon.  If you are having a really bad day and you want to feel better, then go back to your core and pray and you will feel better.  A little take be back to the beginning where I was created will do wonders for you.

Jodee Bock, Kelly Meyer, and I are talking about this on AM1100 the flag at 7am on Sept 18th.  They have a radio show called Bigger Small Talk.   Its all about the core!!

My Wife, Jenny, and her good friend Marylin started a company called FSRFaster Stronger Runner.  They started this company to teach people how to strengthen their core and created workouts to help people run without injuries.  What a great concept.  It is a really neat concept where you will do core workouts once a week with the group and you will do exercises that you normally would not do on your own.  It will challenge you big time.

Think about your lifestyle for a moment.  Is it a lifestyle that creates longevity?  Is it a lifestyle that creates positive energy?  Is it a lifestyle that other people would benefit from?

I was visiting with a Lady last week and we got to talking about health stuff.  She said the reason she is heavy and over weight is because of her heritage!  WHAT!  If you believe that, you most certainly will.  I believe we are a product of our environment.  What I mean there is when you live a lifestyle like your parents and grand parents, you will end up like them.  If you consume the same foods not knowing whether or not they are good for your particular body, then you may get the same results.  Bloated and over weight with health issues.

I asked her what her blood type was…A, same as mine.  I asked her what her Dad’s was…O.  H lived to 94 with great health living off fatty meat and potatoes, bacon, butter, eggs, etc.  I said “EXACTLY” and he should have.  She was eating the same stuff with dramatically different results.  You cannot tell me that Dr. D’Adamo is not on to something when you witness that!  Check out Eat Right for Your Type and you will understand.

We are a product of our environment.  Whether it is getting back to core, or understanding how food affects our own body.  No two bodies are the same.  So get back to Core and Live a Lifestyle that is good for you!

Next up….my Imogene Pass Run Experience!

To your Abundance!

Steve Aune


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