Posted by: Steve Aune | September 23, 2011

Leg workout to help your core

It is all about abundance and a great attitude towards life!

I am so grateful for so much!  There is not enough room on my hard drive to save all that I am grateful for.  One of them is my health.  That is a pretty big one since without my good health I wouldn’t enjoy the quality of life that I enjoy.

So today I put together a little leg workout that will also work your core really well.  This would be in addition to the hip/core workouts that I do every 2-3 days depending on what is happening with my workouts.

Give it a try:

10-15min warm up

-Loosen up your shoulders

-walking lunges to warm up your legs, about 50 steps

-20 Mary Katherine’s. Alternating jump lunges

-jumping jacks

-heels to your butt really fast

-high knees

Stretch really well, especially your glutes and hamstrings.

Work out:

25- Step back lunge with medicine ball overhead.  As you step back, cross over your bent knee with the medicine ball and touch the ground then come back up to standing with ball overhead.  Alternate sides and do 25 reps.

25- singe leg squat on a BOSO ball or the floor.  25 each leg with back leg on a chair or bench.  Use weights if you need more resistance.

50- air squats using great form and I go low enough to touch my butt on a 12# medicine ball.

10- burpees.  Down- puch up, rt knee in, push up, left knee in, push up, jump up.  3 push ups per burpee.

repeat 3 times.

Single leg calf raises on stairs with weights if necessary.  15 reps with foot straight, 15- foot in, 15-ft out-15 foot straight. For each calf.

Jenny’s FSR group focuses on core workouts to improve running speed, strength, and injury prevention.  Facebook search Faster.Stronger.Runner and you can learn more.

Have fun!!

To your Abundance!

Steve Aune


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