Posted by: Steve Aune | October 15, 2011

Strong Core Starts in the Kitchen

If you think that working out is all you have to do to have a good strong  lean core, then keep on reading because I’ve got news for ya!

Last winter I started to analyze what I was eating and how it was affecting my body and my results were amazing.  My body fat was melting off and I was in very good shape.  Then I re-injured my shoulder and blew up my calf and I hit the proverbial wall of depression.  My lifestyle changed and thus so did my physique.  I was still trying to work out since we were training for the Imogene Pass Run, however my mental state was not good.

I would eat whatever I wanted regardless of how it made me feel and I’d throw myself a pity party because of it.  I totally got away from “Eat Right For Your Type”  lifestyle and it was showing.  I was working out pretty hard, however my body never felt light, and I could not seem to burn off the unwanted fat I had acquired.

Since then, I have been following my lifestyle plan and guess what?  After about 4 days I immediately felt lighter, after about a week, I am losing a noticeable amount of fat!!  It all starts in the kitchen.

I have read hundreds of testimonials where people have received similar results from the “Eat Right for Your Type” lifestyle, and I believe it works.  Jenny has been following hers as well and she is leaner now than she was before, and if I try to follow her nutrition plan, I do not burn as much fat and I feel heavy.  In her FSR Training Group, they really focus on a strong core to stay healthy.

If you want to call it a diet, I tend to believe that you think it will be temporary.  It has to be a lifestyle that you choose to live.  If you want more life out of living, then you need to change your lifestyle.

On top of all this nutrition stuff, you still need to work out to keep your core strong.  You need to read great books to keep your inner core strong.  You need to exercise your body to keep the physical core strong.  Most of all, HAVE FUN! while doing it all.

Have a wonderful day filled with abundance and gratitude.

Steve Aune



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