Posted by: Steve Aune | November 9, 2011

Check Your Gait= CORE!

How is your Gait?  Have you ever had it evaluated?

There are many reasons to have it evaluated, especially runners, but  everyone should have it done.  You see, our body was designed to move the way we do so consequently we should not have all of this supination, over pronation, etc. in our Gait.

Why do we have these varying issues with our Gait?  Could it all start with you CORE?  WHAT?  Your CORE?  yep, I believe it does.  Then it moves to your hips which are really a part of your core.  Our hips start to get weak in grade school due to sitting all day however we are still relatively active so we are not as affected by sitting.  Then as we age and become more sedentary our core gets weaker and weaker and no one tells us to focus on that part of our body.  We sit all day at work, then go home and sit all night in front of the TV or at kids events.  Why not stand as much as possible?

We are told to workout, run,  bike, etc without getting proper CORE work in.  Especially enough of it at a high level of intensity and frequency.

I have a weird gate on my right side that I am having corrected right now and I know why it started, however fixing it is a whole other topic.  After a couple of sessions and a lot of work on the foam roller and lacrosse balls, I am much better even though I still have a long way to go.

If your knees hurt, hips hurt, low back hurts, feet hurt, have your gait evaluated and work with someone on your CORE workouts to fix it.  I can almost guarantee you that your weak CORE and HIPS are causing most of those problems.

Heck, you might even get a little faster because of it.

To prevent injuries, work that CORE hard and often!

To your abundance!

Steve Aune



  1. I have had issues with my gait primarily because of bunyon surgery at age 16. Never had physical therapy to help loosen the tendons and muscles in my foot and ankle. I saw a rolfer ( for 2 series of treatment and the results are incredible! …and immediate! I plan to go thru another series this coming spring as its been a few years and my body is starting to tighten up. Good luck with your treatment!

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