Posted by: Steve Aune | January 12, 2012

An Abundance of Wheat!

Like most people with kids, I certainly have had my share of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on a healthy slice of 100% whole wheat bread.  Or better yet, one of my favorites is the peanut butter and banana.

After reading the book “Wheat Belly”, by Dr. William Davis, it really helped me understand why so many people are so FAT!  Even when they exercise and eat whole grains.   He is not afraid to call them out on it either.  That is what makes the book  interesting.

About a year ago I started to eat gluten-free.  So I try to not eat wheat or wheat products most of the time.  I am not 100% gluten-free, however I am for 5 or 6 days a week.  It seems to me it is more about frequency and dose than it is about elimination when I am not that fat.  I do have some work to do tho.

So during this past year I noticed that I still had cravings and I still could not burn off that last layer of fat.  WHY?   I was not eating wheat, hardly at all for a long time.  Well, Dr. Davis explains it really well.  The products that are GLUTEN FREE have substitute products in them that are really high glycemic index products.  The higher the glycemic index, the higher is raises your blood sugar, the more you store FAT!

He has proven that whole wheat bread has about 50% higher glycemic index than table sugar!  That is CRAZY STUFF!   So the products that are GLUTEN FREE still have a really high glycemic index, thus raising my blood sugar, creating more cravings, and storing more fat!

When I am off all the bread stuff for a few days, I lost fat fast due to my workouts.  When I indulge, it goes back on FAST!  It is so interesting testing this stuff on myself.   When I avoid breads and eat veggies, I don’t have the cravings like I used to.  I do go thru some withdrawals tho.

So, what did you have for breakfast?  Bagel Butt or Wheat Belly?

So now I have Eat Right For Your Type to process and experiment with, some great stuff from Dr. Mark Hyman, and he has a new book coming out too about sugar.  And now the Wheat Belly.   It is good to get different perspectives and try them on yourself, then get some blood tested and retest.  Try it for 30 days.

What about Paleo?  I have not tried that yet.  So many meats make me feel horrible.  Maybe I will do that next.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the message out on how to eat to the masses like the drug companies do for the products you should NEVER take?  Deep pockets.  Just follow the money trail.  I am sure the money trail goes far for Wheat.

To your abundance in health!  and ATTITUDE!

Steve Aune


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