Posted by: Steve Aune | January 16, 2012

Pasta for energy…way over rated!

In my efforts to continue to improve on my health and well-being, I like to test different nutrition plans to see how they affect my body.  My latest…pasta!

I have been eating really clean the past week and Jenny was getting ready to head to Phoenix for the R N R half marathon and we thought we’d eat some pasta to CARB LOAD her up.  Me too I guess.

The meal tasted great, and when I got up Saturday morning, did my seven mile run and I felt pretty good thru about 5 of those miles.  Then Saturday night I had some spaghetti that was delicious and now I was really carb loading.  When I got up on Sunday I felt like I had a hangover.  My workout on Sunday (legs/back) requires that I feel my best and it was brutal.

Can the pasta two days in a row make me feel that bad?  I think so!  I ate really clean Sunday and now today and I feel great again.  Very interesting stuff.  I also felt like I was a little heavier around the waist too.

I also notice that when I eat an item that may raise my glycogen levels, I get tired, I get hungry faster, I don’t feel satisfied, and I feel FAT!

I am super excited to further my exploration into improving my health and fitness level this year.  One that I am really eager to figure out is nuts.  If I eat really clean for a couple of weeks and introduce peanuts and other nuts into my diet to see how my body reacts.  I tried this in the past, however I was also eating gluten and other gluten free flour items that I feel were contributing to the test.  So I stay away from nuts right now because the test I did caused my joints to ache when I ate peanuts.

If you have not read “Wheat Belly”, I encourage you to.  Especially if you are struggling to reduce the size of your mid section and get healthier!

To your abundance in health!

Steve Aune


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