Posted by: Steve Aune | February 8, 2012

Itsa Wheat Thing

It has been about 5 weeks since I got back from my Christmas vacation to Colorado that was filled with tons of really bad food.  I read most of the book “Wheat Belly” when we got home and changed my eating lifestyle once again.  After 5 weeks, what an amazing transformation it has been.

Feel Great, looking better, eating is not a focus anymore.  Why does everything seem to have to revolve around food?  Think Superbowl parties…FOOD, food, and more junk food.  Not to mention the other beverages.  You get home all bloated and thinking I will feel better tomorrow.  Monday rolls around and you do not feel better.   By Wed you are sick.  That all makes sense, not.  Use food to fuel  your body not your emotions.

You owe it to yourself to at least read the book, do some testing on yourself and notice how your body handles the changes.  Once clean for a at least two weeks, start to introduce some stuff one at a time several days in a row to see how it affects your body. mind, moods, etc.

What is truly amazing is when you do have something that has wheat or sugar in it, how you crave it for several hours afterward.  It is a very powerful feeling.  Some liken it to smoking and trying to quit smoking.  I have never smoked anything, so I am not sure about that.  You should try it yourself and let me know how it affects you.

Wish me luck on running a half marathon in a week in Minneapolis….need to get one done before March to register for the Pikes Peak Ascent in August.  Should be interesting to say the least.

To your abundance in health and happiness!

Steve Aune




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