Posted by: Steve Aune | February 27, 2012

Pose Tech Success Story

Pose Tech Running, Barefoot Running, Minimalist Running, Forefoot Running, what ever you want to call it, all I can say is that when performed correctly, it is amazing.

I started training in minimalist shoes about 2 years ago.  After several injuries which I have written about, I needed to find out how to prevent injuries and my research took me back to may CORE.  The CORE is an all encompassing process.  It involves mental strength, core strength, spiritual strength, and a new philosophy(belief) which also happens to be an old philosophy of running like when you were a kid.

When I started running in minimalist shoes, the first thing that happened was I hurt my calf/Achilles area muscles and my feet hurt.  Then I discovered Pose Tech Running.  After learning this new style, I started to put it to practice about a year ago.  After a year of moderate running where I train about 2-3 days per week running, and another 2 days of hip/core strengthening, I ran my first half marathon in about 5 years.

My training for the run consisted of one or two days of speed work and one day with a long run at a lower heart rate.  Come race day I started my first mile at about a 7 minute pace and immediately thought I better slow down.  After a heart rate check I decided to go with it.  After mile two at a 7:15 pace with my heart rate still manageable, I decided to go for it.  I wanted to see how far I could push my body.  At mile 9 my calves did tighten up a bit and I had to change my form a bit to work that out.  After mile 10 I was running on empty but realized that I could run a PR if I could hang on the final 3 miles.  I pounded a GU and when that kicked in I put my sites on passing 3 people in front of me.  Mile 12 I picked up the pace again and by mile 13 I caught one person and the last 100 meters I pushed it to the max and caught the other two on the final 100 meters.  Boy was I gassed!

It has been a week since the race and what I can tell you is that the lifting I have been doing, the core work, the running, all paid off.  I did run a PR by 6 minutes.  More importantly, I did not have any body aches after the run.  Sure I had some tight muscles, however I had no back pain, no knee pain, no foot pain.  All of which in my past would have been bothering me big time.

I do believe that a lot of the results come from Pose Tech.  A lot of the results also come from my NUTRITION plan that I follow.  No flour, gluten, refined sugars.  Pretty much veggies, meats, and some fruit.  My supplements of choice are the Herbalife 24 line of products.  I take the meal replacement, post workout, and pre workout .  That stuff is awesome!  If  you would like to try some, please let me know.

I am a believer in Pose Tech Running.  Getting back to running like a kid again and having a great time doing it!  If you would like to experience this, GO FOR IT!  Short term changes vs long term results!

CORE- mind, body, belief

To you Abundance in Health and Wealth!

Steve Aune



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