Posted by: Steve Aune | August 3, 2012

Turn Your Frustration into Fascination

I learned this quote from Jim Rohn, one of my favorite authors/speakers.  Turn your frustration into fascination, I really like that.  It really goes with Wayne Dyer’s quote “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  Isn’t that amazing?

Everything in life you encounter is your experience and no one else.  If you are frustrated by what someone else does, be  curious as to why, not critical.  When someone does something to you that you do not like, seek first to understand where they are coming from.   Then be fascinated at their opinion.  After all, it probably is just an opinion.

When you come across people who do not think they way you do, respect them for their perception on things, and be curious, however do not criticize for it is their opinion and has little impact on you.

Which really get me fascinated about how passionate people can get about different causes that they promote in their life.  I am no different, I have my passions.  Everyone does.

Think of kids.  They are really curious, really energetic about life.  Follow their lead.

What is cool is that as long as your intentions are good, intended to make a difference, then why not become fascinated with everyone?

So when  something happens where you are frustrated, please try to see the fascination in it!

To your abundance in Fascination!

Steve Aune


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