Posted by: Steve Aune | August 8, 2012

Fighting Your Inner Demons

I am sure that I am like most people where when I choose to take on a new adventure, little negative demons seem to creep into my mind and second guess what I am doing.  If you are blessed to never have this happen, then please share your story with me.

It could even be a regret after something happens.  It could be that you may say to yourself “I could never do that because…”  or “I don’t think that is for me…”

The challenge is how do you know until you try, really try.  I don’t mean try like it would be nice if I tried this.  I mean try, really try to put your whole heart and faith into it.  Then you must focus on your small victories to build the confidence in your subconscious mind.  Know what your goal is, why you are doing what you are doing, then find the small victories in everything.  Getting out of bed in the morning could be a small victory, because there are people out there who cannot.  You owe it to them to get up and do everything you are capable of to get better and better.

This type of thinking does not happen overnight, I really have to work at it.  I have to read, study, model, and learn from the best to stay focused.  Make the time to mentally prepare yourself, then go ALL IN!  One of my of my favorite books is “The Power of Positive Thinking.”  In that book there is a chapter on “Expect the Best and Get IT.”

In that chapter Norman talks about how you must have unwavering faith to fight off those demons.  You have to “throw your heart over the bar”, I really like that analogy.  Then, don’t stop short of succeeding, what ever that means to you.  He also cautions to not get so wrapped up in your goal that you forget about other priorities.  Like: faith, family, friends, finances, fitness, health.  You have to have the right attitude!

Another major factor in dealing with inner demons is the fear of failure.  That is a major reason why most people never start.  Fear of failure, not being able to see the success in the future.  What if we all were trained from an early age to dream BHAUG goals, then we had a support team to help us keep those BIG Hairy AUdacious Goals in check throughout our lives?  The dream steal-er comes along and beats you down until you have no confidence to go for it.  I say you should avoid those people.  Hence the phrase “Mid-life Crisis”.

The inner demons will always be there, your challenge is to find the right support team to keep you focused on your by big WHY.  That team could consist of:  Family, Friends, Books, Mentor, Coach, Seminars, etc.  You will have to seek this stuff out and put yourself out there to the public and ask them to help you.  Some you may even have to pay for.  Think of the education you will get, the lessons you will learn.  They will be priceless!

What are you doing to get great?  What are you doing to master your craft?  Have you analyzed yourself entirely to know what you are capable of and what capacity you can handle?  For instance, I know I do not have the capacity to run a 2:45 marathon.  Does not mean I wouldn’t try, however if I really analyze my one mile time, two-mile time, and on, I could easily tell that my capacity based on those would not take me to a 2:45 marathon.  I get that, so why not start with what I can shoot for and be good with that?

Not everyone has the capacity to be a business owner.  Nor the desire.  However everyone has that capacity and capability to master some type of craft.   What is yours?  Turn it into a BHAUG!

To your BHAUG!

Steve Aune



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