Posted by: Steve Aune | March 29, 2016

When people come into your life, MIRACULOUSLY, at just the right time…

Certainly you have had someone you came into your life at just the right time and made just the impact to help you through something or towards something?  If you think hard enough and open your mind, ears, and heart to a time in the past where you can say, WOW, that person really came into my life or was already in my life and said or did the right thing at the right time.

If you have not already recognized them for it, they may not even know they did anything, yet alone how impactful they were or are to you.  Do them a huge service and call them right now and verbally thank them.  If you cannot call or do it in person, then email would suffice.   A personal hand written letter would be better.  Or, you can do like I plan to do and write about them.  I am going to write several books, and this is going to be one of them.

This first person I have not seen for over 30 years.  That’s right, high school.  Back in high school I did not even know him all that well other than he was a stud athlete and was always nice to me, which in high school, that is impressive.  So fast forward 28 years or so and through the wonderful world of social media we connect.  Not much happens there until he starts to share his passion for helping people with Health & Fitness doing it through spiritually and since I am into all of that stuff, I start to follow him.  He writes great inspirations faith based messages about health & fitness and spirituality.

I have been struggling internally for the past few years with some nagging injuries which started, in High School.  Interesting.   Having these injuries and being as active as I am and how much I enjoy a good run with my wife, way behind my wife, it really bothers me and I have an internal battle going on daily.  I have been in really good shape the past 17 years or so, having my lapses here and there but always getting back on track.  This last one, a herniated disk, has been brutal.  I put on a few extra pounds of fat while still trying to work out in any way I can, but eating like crap and using the excuse that I am hurt, I deserve to eat food that makes me fat and miserable.  My own little pity party.

Then along comes this little blog called  written by Troy Ismir.    If you ever want to be inspired to get out of your comfort zone and take your health and fitness to the next level and be spiritually blessed, then this is the one to follow.  Without him even knowing it, he made a significant impact in my life.  For one, I listened to what he was saying.  I saw the results he was getting at age 48.  I realized that I was throwing my own pity party and no one but me was listening.  So instead, I chose to listen to the right person at the right time, telling me to have faith, believe in Christ, put in the work, eat what feeds your body nutrition and gives you energy and stay away from the crap that doesn’t fit that criteria.

Troy is in Florida, so the only way I know how to pay him back for all that he does for me is to help him promote his wonderful business of helping people change their lives!  What a great thing to do for people.

What if you believe that every person you come in contact with everyday, you could be that one person to make a HUGE impact on their life.  Be that one person who was there at the right time with the right message.  How cool would that be?

Who has come into your life at just the right time?  Please share…

I am not asking you to think less of yourself, I am asking  you to think of yourself less.

yours in abundance,

Steve Aune


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