Posted by: Steve Aune | July 12, 2018

Day 6 The Road to Recovery, C7 Neck Injection

Wednesday, July 11th will go do down as the most painful day of my life.  Yes you heard that correctly.  The healing process of the C7 nerve lit up my index finger and middle finger to a level of on ON FIRE all day long.  The pain started on Tuesday, got progressively worse on Wednesday.  Went to PT and Dr Bob said that is part of the healing process and now it will start to move up the arm.  Not that the pain will follow like it had been in my fingers but I will notice a change as the healing works its way to the spinal cord. Crazy how our system works.  I guess it is different for each person as well.

The pain in my fingers is like my fingers are on fire, or someone is shoving needles or toothpicks into my finder tips.  They are super sensitive too, when I touch something cold it is overwhelming.  During the day I also noticed that my arm was also super sensitive.  I have never noticed that before, and I could feel different sensations throughout the day.

I am typically a pretty positive person and when people ask me how I am doing I usually come back with “I am super fantastic, thank you for asking”.  Not yesterday.  I was honest, “not good today, in a lot of pain.”  I would have an appointment with a client and the whole time I am sitting there trying to focus on them and all I can think about is how much my fingers hurt.  Really humbling.

Throughout the day I kept going through my visualizations, affirmations & prayer to keep my mind on the positive side of the healing process.  There are a lot of other people who are hurting way worse than I am.  There are a lot of people who are much worse off than I am.  Who am I to through myself a pity party when others are fighting for their lives or recently lost a loved one like in Sun Prairie WI yesterday during the explosion.

I am truly blessed and I have a lot to be thankful for and I have to focus on those positive things in my life.  I get to choose my attitude everyday.  I get to make choices that can positively impact my future.  When you make choices you don’t get to pick the consequences of the those choices, however when you choose wisely you can live with the consequences.

Today will be a SUPER FANTASTIC DAY!  I am here to make as big a positive impact as I can in the lives of as many people as I can so that they are inspired to dream big, take action and do more and be more.

I will eat to nourish my body, I use food as fuel not as comfort food.  I am mentally prepared and I thank God for all that I have and all that I am.

To your health and abundance,

Steve Aune

Ninsurance Ninja


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