Posted by: Steve Aune | July 14, 2018

Day 8, The Road to Recovery, C7 Neck Injection

Friday, July 13th, it has been one full week since I had the steroid injection in my neck right on the C7 nerve on the left side.  After a tough week with sharp pain and tingling predominantly in my fingers, today was a better day.  While there was still some pain and tingling, it was not near as bad as the past few days.  Very manageable.

Mentally I had a much better day.  It was good to have my head in the right place and the pain under control.  I did have some bouts of shooting pain but it as always short and very manageable.

I attended our Rotary meeting for lunch and going there always inspires me and helps me realize that there are a lot of people in need in our community, other communities in the US and especially over seas.  Our Club is so active and does so many great things that you can’t help but get inspired to serve every week.  It really puts life in perspective and gives me more reasons to be grateful for what I do have.

Sleeping has been better too.  I monitor my sleep and my deep sleep times are getting longer and more consistent.  It is amazing how I feel all day depends on how much deep sleep I get.

Time to go through my back/neck routine and get ready for the day.  Check out my top 10 things to do daily that I posted yesterday.  Day 7.

Some of the exercises that I do should really be done by everyone.  They are geared toward getting your glutes to fire consistently and fire first and balance out your hips.  My kids are now doing the exercises as with adults our kids are sitting more and more and due to that their glutes go through the same stuff ours do.  I notice the weak hips and glutes in a lot of kids, you can really see it when they run.  Knees are all over the place and feet flare out, foot and ankle over pronate.  If you see your kids going through this issues, get on it as it will cause problems as they grow and time will expose the weakness then it will be much harder to fix it.

Looking forward to a SUPER FANTASTIC Day today!

To your health and abundance,

Steve Aune

Ninsurance Ninja




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