Posted by: Steve Aune | July 20, 2018

Day 13-14, The Road to Recovery, C7 Steroid Injection

July 18 & 19, couple of tough days mentally and physically.  My neck and chest area were really tight the past two days causing pain down my arm occasionally and a little more intense pain in the fingers.  My chest in particular was really tight, and that pulling is affecting how my back and neck feel for sure.

I had some PT work done on Wednesday, that was helpful but it did not seem like enough for me.  I got home later that night and had to spend a lot of time stretching my chest and shoulder to get some relief and it really helped but I felt I needed more professional help.  Wednesday night I did not sleep well at all.  Thursday I decided to schedule an appointment with Liz at Isthmus wellness.  She is a great acupuncturist who really helped me with my back and now helps me with my neck.  She got me in yesterday and brought a ton of relief to my neck and back.  She also did some cupping to help out the healing process.  If you ever want to check out acupuncture go see Liz for sure.

After a visit to Liz, I went to see Matt at Safarik Wellness for his deep tissue work on the chest and neck.  Matt did not disappoint as he worked the chest muscles, shoulder and sub scap really good.  It was unbelievably painful yet when he was done I felt much better.  Now my job is to stay off of using those muscles for a few days, ice, stretch and get things moving functionally. Things were a little tight last night and while I slept ok, it was not great.

Nutritionally on Tuesday I finished the day hitting my target us staying under 50g of carbs.  Wednesday I fell off the wagon while working in the Middleton Chamber Golf Outing all day.  It was my fault for not properly preparing and expecting there to be food that I really wanted to eat.  Then later that night I had a salad and then decided to fully let the day go and had some pizza.

Thursday was way better nutritionally.  Ended the day with 37g of carbs.  Energy level was still great, and Friday will be even better!  I should share that Andrew(my 15 yr old son) and I have an agreement that I will not have a beer or any alcohol until January.  I figure by then I won’t want one anymore anyway.  There is so many bad chemicals in our beer these days and they make me feel like crap anyway.  Really looking forward to it.

Getting excited to head to the mountains soon, so here is a shot from the hike up to Granite Peak, MT.  This is what they call the snow bridge section.  I call it the “No Way” I am heading back to camp section.  Most people turn around here, just look at it!

Granite peak 10

Getting my top 10 list completed this morning to start my day off right.  A little meditation, journaling, visualizations, affirmations & some light exercise/stretching.

You all have a SUPER FANTASTIC DAY!  I know I will as it is Jenny’s birthday so the boys and I will be pampering her as much as we can.  We are truly blessed as a family, so much to be thankful for.

To your health & abundance,

Steve Aune

Ninsurance Ninja


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