Posted by: Steve Aune | July 21, 2018

Day 15 The Road to Recovery, marks two weeks since steroid injection.

Friday, July 20th, the two official weeks since my steroid injection.  When I got the shot they told me things would take a full two weeks to really take effect.  That has been hard for me to grasp and I guess a part of me thought that something magical would happen on this day.   Nothing magical happened.

The road to success and health is not an overnight process, it is a slow slog, monotonous and boring.  That is why most of us fail or give up too early.  I came to terms with this when I was rehabbing my back.  I was told and I know that I will always have to take care of it, doing my exercises, stretching, yoga, meditation, & live as stress free as possible.  There is room for the nerves to live and do well, I have to believe that and focus on what is causing stress in my life that I am not addressing so that I don’t harness anything in my body.

The same holds true with my neck.  This will be a slow slog and I am getting better every day. Friday was a better day after all the rehab on Thursday.  I also bought a HyperIce Vyper 2.0 High Intensity vibrating Fitness Roller.   I highly recommend it for those who are struggling to get past some tight muscles.  It has made an immediate impact on my shoulder and chest area.  It has also been very good for my calves and quads.  This model is powerful enough to keep up the intensity when you put your full weight on it. I also went to see Dr Bob on Friday to help make some room for the vertebrae to heal themselves a bit.

So the neck still feels pretty good, my chest is loosening up which makes everything feel much better.  I still have a fair amount of tingling in my two fingers and the pain is pretty high at times.  Other times it is much more manageable with minor pain and a little tingling.  I am doing my meditation, prayer, visualizations everyday to get me back to training again at the level I was at back in March when this whole thing started.  March, tax season, coincidence, I think not.  Stress what a major player in this deal.  Icing 10 min on and 10 off followed by 10 min on.  That really seems to help as well.

Friday was also my wonderful wife’s, Jenny, birthday.  So nutritionally I had a challenging day however I don’t feel bad about it at all.  We had a great lunch where I had a grass fed highland cow burger that was amazing.  Also had some frites which I did not need but ate them anyway.  That was my first meal of the day so I fasted for about 17 hours.  For dinner I had a veggie shake and then we went to a movie and Andrew & I dominated a huge bowl of popcorn.  Yum.

For breakfast I met with Jude Sullivan who is a Wellness Expert at UW Health.  He also calls himself the Fitness Pastor where he has partnered with a cutting edge science company called LifeVantage.  I have not spent too much time learning about the company, however what I did see is that they are the pioneers of biohacking your mitochondria which are the life blood of your health and vitality.  I am going to do their supplement for 30 days and see how it goes.

Jude is also very involved in research for the Center for Healthy Minds.  This group is the go to company on research for how to keep your mind healthy and how that impacts your body and your overall health.  I am going to look into their classes on meditation to learn more on how to take my mind and body to the next level.

So many great things are happening, I am truly blessed and very excited for the future while I enjoy the present!

Here is a shot of The Wenzel Boys and myself on top of North Maroon Bell in the Aspen, CO area.  Unbelievable hike for sure.  Long, challenging, rewarding.  The other photo is of Jenny & I from Maroon Lake where you can see the Maroon Bells, North & South in the background.

wenzel boys_n

Maroon Bells Jenny

Can’t wait to head to the mountains very soon!

To your health & abundance,

Steve Aune

Ninsurance Ninja,




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