Posted by: Steve Aune | July 26, 2018

Days 19 & 20, The Road to Recovery from C7 Steroid Injection

Tuesday & Wednesday, July 24th & 25th, after the great relief day on Monday and some welcoming PT work, they had me do some triceps and bicep exercises to start working on strengthening the left arm.

Tuesday morning I did my normal routine to start, Pray, Journal, Visualize, Meditate, Affirmations.  Then went to my workout area and started my rehab routine for my low back and the new exercises for my neck, shoulder, chest & left arm.  It is a mouthful for sure.  This is probably one of the most frustrating parts of recovery.  The long slow monotonous repetitions to teach your body how to move properly.  It is humbling.  I just want to get after it and pound out a warm up and a work out however I don’t have that luxury for a while.

The exercises are really basic, very light weight skull crushers to work the triceps in an isolated position that would not impact my chest or lats.  It was an easy workout with light weight and high reps.  Everything went really well, until later that day.  Knowing me and my infinite wisdom of wanting to workout again after taking almost 4 months off, I did a few too many sets.  My triceps started to tighten up by the end of the day Tuesday.  Ended up with a horrible nights sleep to boot.

Wednesday morning, all I could manage was my normal routine again with a lot of stretching and flossing in the lats, triceps, chest areas.  I have not been that sore from a workout in a long time. Even when I was working out regularly I rarely got very sore muscles like this one felt.  I will work through it!

I had a check in call with the Dr’s office to share where I am at with the results of the injection.  I thought I was progressing ok, however when I talked to the nurse, she was surprised that I still had symptoms and if I am maybe I should have a surgery consultation.  I thanked her and told her I would continue this rehab first.  I will not be going back to that hospital for any more advice.  I have not been very happy with how things have been handled.  Unfortunately they do not play well with other Dr’s at different hospitals so this will just cost me even more out of pocket.

Nutritionally I have been excelling and not missing the morning breakfast anymore.  It is really easy to wait the 14-16 hours before eating and then I am only craving something healthy that will nourish my body vs. craving sugar and starches.  This too is a long slog as it is way too easy to fall back into the old eating routine if you let yourself go there.  That is why I tell people who are doing a new eating routine that it won’t last until they stick with it for at least a year.

I believe you have to give a new eating routine at least a year because until you have endured the different seasons and will powered your way past the old routines of the holidays, the days at the lake, the family reunions, you have not proven to yourself that you can stay disciplined to make it through.  If you relapse once, it could cause a compound effect to go back to the old routine.  If you relapse twice, then it is almost a guarantee that you will go back to your old routine, at least until you realize what you are doing and change again.

Getting ready to head to the mountains, so I am sharing some other photos of previous experiences.  For out 10th wedding anniversary, Jenny & I thought it would be a good idea to run the Imogene Pass Run in Colorado.  It is a 17 mile run where you start in Ouray, CO and run 10 mile straight up to Imogene Pass at 13,100 ft, then run down 7 miles into Telluride, CO.  It was a painful blast!

To your health & Abundance, God Bless,

Steve Aune, Ninsurance Ninja



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