Posted by: Steve Aune | August 1, 2018

Days 21-26, The Road To Recovery, C7 Steroid Injection, driving with low back pain remedy!

July 26th-31st recap.  Going to start lumping some of my recaps into multiple days.  These 6 days were pretty uneventful, still having trouble sleeping at night, yet during the day my neck pain is usually minimal as long as I don’t do much to aggravate it, and the tingling in my fingers is constant but not usually painful.

Over these days, I had to pass on a round of golf with my Dad and boys.  It was fun to watch my kids play with their Grandpa though.  We don’t get to see him very much, so when we do it sure is nice.

Managed to get a run in and that felt really good.  My neck and arm wanted to tighten up but I focused on my breathing and relaxing my shoulders and everything went well except I couldn’t keep my heart rate down in the altitude.

Driving has not been too bad either, it mostly tightens up my low back and right hip but I keep doing the exercises I explain about here:  If you experience low back and leg pain while driving long distances, try this out:  Set the cruise control and take a water bottle and place the water bottle right between your knees, right at the knee joint.  At the same time you squeeze your knees together, press your feet together and flex your ankles pulling your toes to your shins.  Then at the same time you are doing both of those things, grab the steering wheel with both hands and pull your body into an arched back position and then hold all three for 10 seconds then release and relax your back into a rounded cat pose.  Repeat 5-10 times every hour or two and you will notice a difference.

Nutrition is a major challenge while traveling, at least for me.  Listen to that self talk and know that what I just typed is very powerful.  I am basically telling myself that it will be  a challenge to follow my nutrition plan while traveling.  When it shouldn’t be that big of a deal if I plan properly, journal about it, pray about it, visualize it.  For example, yesterday Jenny and I got up and 4:50am and hiked Umcompahdre Peak in the San Juan’s of Colorado.  It is the 5th highest peak in the Rocky’s of CO.  It was an awesome hike.  Sticking to my ketosis nutrition plan, I ate a nice high fat high protein dinner the night before.  I did not have anything for breakfast other than some tea and brain octane oil to get my ketosis moving.  I went the whole hike plus several more hours with even feeling hungry and having tons of energy.  It was a great day.

I was super excited to put on a backpack that weighed about 10-12lbs.  May not sound like a big deal to you but I was really nervous that my neck and shoulder would flair up on me.  I had not flair ups.  In fact everything felt great during the 8 mile trek.  Probably because I got to take my mind off of my injury and live in the moment of taking in the beauty around me and not worry about anything else other than breathing!

I mentioned this before, since my injection nothing has really changed in my hand and arm, the real difference may be in my neck and the amount of pain that would shoot down my arm.  That was starting to get better before the injection anyway so my conclusion to this point is that it did not work for me.  I will continue my rehab and do my top ten list daily to stay on top of my recovery.  I have way too many things to accomplish in the coming years to let this bring me down.

I will post some picks of the mountains in my next post.

To your health & abundance!

Steve Aune, Ninsurance Ninja



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