Posted by: Steve Aune | August 24, 2018

Days 41-53, The Road to Recovery- Discipline equals results

Days 41-53, Aug 11-23rd.  You won’t take the time to put in the little extra effort to get the results you want.  You won’t do the little things that are necessary to take ordinary to extraordinary.  You won’t set aside the time to do the little things that you know you need to do in order to get your health where it needs to be, or your life for that matter.

I can tell you that it takes a tremendous amount of discipline to make change happen in your life.  I know it certainly does for me.  For something to become a habit or it happens naturally without thinking about it, you have to have a lot of willpower and discipline to get you past the temptations.  This works in your body as well as your mind.

The past four and half months have proven that to me.  The injury or degeneration I sustained is proof that you have to do the little things to stay ahead of these situations and really listen to your body and seek out competent people who will tell you want you need to hear, not what you want to hear.  I could have prevented or significantly reduced what happened had I done this.  The symptoms were there for a long time, I just didn’t listen.

So now here I am writing about my journey to get my body back into shape so that I can thrive and compete on American Ninja Warrior. Heck, I’d be happy to be able to scale across some monkey bars at this point.  Funny how that affects your attitude.  I will be back and competing though, rest assured.

Life is not about quick fixes and magic bullets.  It is about the long slow boring slog where you do the ordinary daily disciplines that will eventually turn into extraordinary results.  Do it before you HAVE TO, or NEED TO.

My daily routine is mundane, boring, and doesn’t feel like a great workout, however doing it daily and sticking to the disciplines, I now notice the difference it is making.  Two years ago I thought I’d never run again after my low back injury and I can tell you that now I run three days a week, pain free!  It is a wonderful thing.  Learning to run again, yes you read that correctly, learning to run again with proper technique can keep you injury free.  Read up on Pose Tech Running, or listen to The Natural Running Network to learn more.

Take my work environment for example.

Steve Aune desk

I utilize a stand up desk to change from sitting to standing throughout the day.  I also have a disc that I can stand on and do two legged squats and work on my glutes and stability while working, and I can also do one legged balance moves and squats to further the core development.  When I sit I sit on the disc as well.  When you first do this, it is amazing how tired your core gets from sitting on it.  The disc helps keep your posture upright and forces you to use your core.  It is the little things.

My neck continues to improve, I know it won’t happen overnight and I am prepared to work at it until…  The scalene muscles are definitely the main culprit.  Especially the posterior one.  It is inflamed and knotted up.  The relief I get from working it myself is amazing.  Finding others who know how to release them is another story all together.  I like the variety of specialties in how people do their work, so I am trying other professionals to see how they do on them and not many really know what they are doing.  So if you know someone, please send them my way.

Been doing some light lifting to get some strength back into my arm which is very humbling as I want to get after it now that I am feeling better.  The pain in my hand is gone, I do still have some tingling but it comes and goes now.  I still get some tightness in my neck but that is happening less and less as well.

I started a new supplement, Life Advantage, they have some powerful testimonials from people who have made some amazing recoveries so I thought I’d give them a try.  After about 2 weeks I have notices an increase in my energy level and I really think it is helping with my healing process.  Some of the more powerful things I have seen in the people using the products are people dealing with neuropathy and MS.  If you are going through some tough stuff and are looking for a natural way to heal, why not give it a try?

I will keep you posted on that progress as well, I am committed to 90 days to give my body time to absorb and heal.

To your health and abundance,

Steve Aune, Ninsurance Ninja


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