Posted by: Steve Aune | September 22, 2018

The Road to Recovery Update – 75 days and counting

It all started with a simple muscle pull in my neck on March 31st.  I figured this would be usual process of taking a week off, getting a massage and having some acupuncture done and then I would be back it training like a warrior.

Then it got so bad that I had a hard time walking without a ton of pain in me neck and left arm.  I still figured I over did it and it would eventually go away but something was telling me I needed more in order to heal.

Fast forward to July 6th and I decided to have a steroid injection in my C7.  That turned out to be the worst decision I have made to date.  All it did was make it worse for about a month, so bad the first two weeks that I was ready to throw in the towel at times.  Not the kind of thought I wanted to have.

Throughout the process I learned a lot about myself, my body, my mind and most importantly how to ask for help.  I pray more than ever.  Jesus lives within me and wants me to heal myself.  I have the ability to heal myself, we all do if we believe it.  Our bodies are designed to withstand tremendous adversity and rebound from it.

The past 75 days or so have been a test of will, faith, persistence, determination and patience.  Writing this blog about my experience has really helped me get my thoughts on paper and acknowledge what I have been going through, especially the mental side of what I am saying to myself and what I believe to be true.

Right now my neck and arm are healing very well.  I seldom have any pain anymore, the numbness and tingling in my left arm is very light and sometimes it all feels normal.  I am still running 2-3 times per week.  This past weekend we ran the UW XC course at U Ridge.  That was pretty fun, Ben almost lapped me.  I have been doing some light lifting on my upper body, 2-3 times per week keeping it really light.  The boys and I lift legs once a week and we really get after it, so that has been great.

Everyday I do my foundation training along with some exercises for my chest, neck and back.  I also try to release my scalene muscles several times a day.  They are time consuming, boring, tedious, monotonous, and there are times when I don’t feel like doing them but I do them anyway because I know that those small seemingly insignificant exercises are powerful when they are compounded over time.  I am clear on my goals and objectives and will do what it takes to get better.  My WHY is big!


My nutrition has been a roller coaster.  I am a stress eater and I have been through some stress lately.  Funny how that flairs up my symptoms.  Stress is the evil of being healthy.  I have been doing a great job keeping vegetable oils out of my diet along with refined sugar.  My energy level has been great and my mental attitude has been great as well.  I attribute this to my daily routine along with proper nutrition.  The LifeVantage product I have been taking for about a month now has made an impact based on how I feel.  The product works to improve your mitochondria and improve my cellular health.


A friend of mine also recommended CBD oil to help my nervous system so I am doing a 90 day test with that now too.  Funny how you get to the point of trying just about anything to find some relief.  I won’t go down the road of artificial drugs as I don’t like most of the pharmaceutical industry.  There are very few actual products that bring benefit to us, most destroy our bodies and mask the real problem.

We eat too much crap, vegetable oils & sugar, we sit on our asses far too much, we spend our time dwelling on the past and worrying about the future and that wreaks havoc on our bodies.  We think what we are doing now won’t have too big of an impact in the future because everyone is doing it.  Wrong.  Some day we are going to look back on this past 80 years or so and ask “what the heck were we thinking by allowing people to make the crap that we recommended people eat, or pop pills to mask an issue?”

We don’t take responsibility for our actions and those actions will have consequences some day.  You get to choose your actions, you don’t get to choose the consequences.

So right now if you are reading this, I say THANK YOU.  Stop and take five deep breaths breathing with your diaphragm not your chest.  Relax and breathe.  Notice what you are doing to yourself and identify where you need to make improvements.  Then make them.

To your health and abundance,

Steve Aune, Ninsurance Ninja



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