Posted by: Steve Aune | October 6, 2018

The Road to Recovery – 90 Days – 180 Days

Do you ever feel like you are succeeding so slowly that you think you are failing?  That is what rehab feels like.  The daily monotony of the stretching, the exercises, the mental game, it all feels like I am failing at getting better, yet I know I will succeed.  It is a long game.

I was sharing that quote with my son Ben.  The opposite of that quote is; you are failing so slowly that you think you are succeeding.  Ben asked me for examples of what that means.  Him being a runner, I used running as an analogy.

Here is scenario:  You are going to start running.  You buy some shoes, get laced up, come up with a route, not too far as you are just getting back into it.  You haven’t considered that you have not run in years and your core strength isn’t what it used to be.  You have not considered that when the core is weak it will do weird things with your running gate.  You have not had a running coach evaluate your running technique for any potential issues that could arise.  So off you go.  Things are going great for a while.  You are getting the RUNNERS HIGH!  You are losing weight and getting faster so you amp up the mileage.  Then BOOM!  You get hurt.  Most likely PLANTAR Fasciitis or something with your knees, hips, SI joint or Sciatica.

You can poll 100 runners in a room and 99% will have had an issue with one of these areas.  That is an example of failing so slowly at first that you think you are succeeding.  On the flip side:  You want to start running again  You set some goals, find a race to participate in in about 6 months.  A 5k, something short.  You partner with a strength and conditioning coach who will evaluate you for your strengths and weaknesses.  They help you put together a plan to strengthen your hips, core, etc.  You also find a running coach that will evaluate your gait, and running technique.  Then help you pick out some shoes that fit your body the best.  Finally you are off and running.  Only now you are running so slowly at first to build your aerobic base and work on your technique.  This goes on for weeks and it really feels like you are failing.  You are getting bored with it.

But your coach explains that if you ramp up your speed and mileage too soon, before you are ready from a technique perspective, then you will revert back to your old habits and possibly get hurt.   So you listen and put in the time necessary to do it right.  finally 6 months later you are ready to run a 5k race.  You may not PR or have your best race, however you feel amazing, zero aches and pains and you are excited to sign up for the next one.  You are succeeding so slowly that you think you are failing.

That is my story after I went through my low back issues.  That is my story as I work through my neck issue right now.  Things are going well with the neck and tingling/pain down my left arm.  I do still have some tingling however it is becoming less noticeable for the most part.  Definitely not out of the woods yet.

I am still taking LifeVantage NRF 1 and NRF 2.  I really like how they make me feel all day.  Energized and mental clarity.  Pretty good product thus far.  I am also taking CBD Oil and have noticed how that is helping me sleep better.  My deep sleep pattern has been longer and more consistent.  Helps me feel rested.

I had to slow down my PT, massage, etc.  The $5000 steroid injection bill, that was a complete waste of money, caught up with me and I have to do a lot of the PT and massage on my own now.  When I keep my scalene muscles loose my neck and arm feel great.

We recently traveled to Charleston, SC.  For some reason when I travel I get a little stressed out.  We are leaving the kids at home, leaving our business, and the first day is always stressful for me.  So getting up at 4am, heading the airport, making it through airport security on time and with no bomb specialists being notified(long story), we get on our flight.

That first night my neck and arm were aching.  Stress, airplane posture, walking all caught up to me.  I worked my scalenes really good that night and Friday I woke up feeling pretty good.  So Jenny and I went for a 4.5 mile run.  The run felt amazing.  Technique was good, heart rate was a little high due to me trying to keep up with Jenny.  She actually slowed way down for me.  Then the rest of the day we walked another 10 miles or so.  Lots of steps in for the day.  My neck held up well.

Saturday morning Jenny talked me into running over this really cool bridge in Charleston.  It is 2.5 miles across, plus over a mile each way to get there.  Needless to say I was nervous.  Up to this point I have not ran two days in a row, nor have I ever ran more than 5 miles.  This would be 7 with a huge hill going over the bridge.  It was raining and hot when we started.

After the first mile my calves were getting tight, so I stopped to stretch them a bit and do a little manual therapy on them.  We both thought I was done.  But I cleared my head and committed to finishing the distance.  So we kept at it.  When we got to the bridge and first hill, Jenny took off and I chased.  It is funny how your attitude changes when you are focused on something else other than yourself.  I was motivated to dominate that bridge, so I went for it.  My calf issue went away and I crushed that bridge and really enjoyed it along the way.  Made it the 7 miles, which we walked another 8 that day as well.

All in all a very successful trip.  Sunday I figured I would be really sore but I wasn’t.  I did take two full days off before running again on Tuesday.  I could feel my calves tightening again only ran 4 miles to keep it light.

My point in the whole story is find competent help to guide you in the things you are doing.  Could be your work, family, relationships, exercise, nutrition, do what is necessary to ensure you are doing it right and getting better at the right things.

To your health & abundance,

Steve Aune, Ninsurance Ninja


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