Posted by: Steve Aune | October 15, 2018

Top 10 things to do DAILY!

Here is my top ten list:

  1. Pray, the power of prayer is amazing!  Pray for others, pray for healing, pray for strength, pray for love, pray to give, pray for forgiveness, pray for grace.
  2. Journal – Keeps me in the NOW.  Helps me focus on what I can do and what I can control.
  3. Affirmations – Present tense, I AM, personal.
  4. Visualizations – I visualize healing.  Visualize the vertebrae separating and making more room for the nerves to heal.  Visualize dominating an ANW course:)  Visualize no stress!  Harmony.
  5. Gratitude – This is part of my journaling but now more than ever I am grateful for what I do have.  When in pity party mode, just give of  yourself to others who are even less fortunate and all of the sudden your pity party goes away.  Inside of gratitude is giving: Give of yourself, your time, your talents, your being.  Give however you can.  Give without any expectation of receiving.  Give unconditionally.  You will never regret it.
  6. Nutrition- you have to eat well to live well.  Saw this quote yesterday – “You are what you eat ate”.  So basically, when you eat something you have to consider what that ate or where it was grown.  Think about that for a while.  Let it sink in.  Think about all of the food you eat.  Where did it come from and what might it have gone through to get to your mouth.
  7. Meditate – new for me but very powerful in relaxing and reducing stress.  Like I wrote about in a previous blog, 90% of neck/back injuries are causes by tension stress and lack of oxygen in the muscles.  Meditation has been proven to help that.  Breathing properly is as or more important than nutrition.
  8. Live above the line – Be honest, live with integrity.  Be honest with yourself the most.  You are not as good as you think you are.  I know I am not.  Hire a coach and get someone to tell you what they really see vs a sugar coated version.
  9. Forgiveness- Never hold a grudge or resentment towards others as this is the ultimate in stress.  Holding onto any negativity in relationships is not good.  The biggest person to forgive is YOURSELF!
  10. Read 10 Pages of a good book a day.  Imagine if you did this for 1 year- that is 3,650 pages.  12-18 good books year.  Now do it for 10 years, 36,650 pages, 150 good books!  What would you learn?  Who would you become having read and learned and implemented.  Start a study group of like minded people that will challenge you and keep you focused on growing.  This could be a bible study as well, that would be very enlightening for you.

Steve Aune, Ninsurance Ninja



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