Posted by: Steve Aune | January 2, 2019

New Year, New Me, my road to recovery update.

So it’s been a while since I last posted on my rehab progress for my neck and back.  Most specifically my neck.

I am back to training again which has been amazing for my faith in healing.  I got turned on to Dr Joe Dispenza and his meditation techniques around healing your body and I can tell you from experience that it works.  His techniques literally teach you how to tell your body’s cells to regenerate healthy tissue, discs, bone, etc.  It is something else.

I have been doing a bible study on fear and faith and that has been tremendously helpful.  I pray multiple times a day.

I take my NRF1 and NRF 2  daily as I really feel that they are helping.

Having said all of that, it is not easy.  You have to be diligent.  You have to have patience.  You have to have faith and belief that it will work and that it is working.  You will be tested again and again to see if you really believe.  You will have to fight through those  thoughts and focus and new thoughts, ones that are constructive in nature and will help you build a better you.

One thing I am really clear on now is that what got me to where I am today will not take me to where I want to go.  Use your income for example:  Look at how much money you made 5 years ago or 10 years ago and then look at how much you make today.  If you want to make substantially more in the next 5 years or 10 years then you have to do something different than you are today in order to get there.  You could just keep doing what you are doing and you may see some gradual increases, however to make substantial change you will need to become someone better.  You will have to do things differently.  You will have to get out of your comfort zone.

By getting out of your comfort zone you will create some short term stress.  The key there is short term.  Long term stress or stress all day is not healthy.  Stress will deteriorate you and your body.  Stress is the ultimate evil when not in check and when it is not used in the short term.  Stress in the short term is healthy.  It gets your endorphins going and it creates energy.  That energy can be healthy.

biggest fear4

You have to learn to have fun with the unknown.  As soon as you notice that you are hesitant or a little uncertain about doing something, notice that and that is where the game begins.  You have to take the step to get through that feeling in order to create a new reality.  Your current set of beliefs, habits, & thinking have created your current personality and your current reality.  You have to create a new personal reality in order to change your current reality.  There is not other way around it.

I have been a victim of my own self sabotage for years.  Not in all areas of my life, but in some key areas.  My conscious mind was telling me I can do it, however my subconscious programming was sabotaging my effort and causing me to experience something to avoid doing it.  Everyday you have over 80,000 thoughts and 90% of them are the same everyday.  You are programmed.  5% of your thinking in your conscious mind and the other 95% is your subconscious mind.  That means that your subconscious mind rules the roost.  In order for you to change that programming you have to through the steps to change your programming.  You get that through the experiences you have and the emotion attached to them.

I am now empowered to think about what I think about.  I notice when I am about to do something new or unfamiliar how my body reacts.  Then I do it anyway to give me a new association with that thing and create a new feeling associated with it.

Stress is a big one.  Think about what is causing you stress.  Write it down.  Why does it stress you out?  By writing down the negative thought or feeling you have, then you can acknowledge it when it happens again and choose to push it aside and insert a new thought or feeling.  Is it really something to be stressed out about or are you thinking in scarcity?  Focus on abundance.  Work for abundance.  Strive for abundance.  Give in abundance.  Share in abundance.  Breathe in abundance:)

My neck has been doing really well.  I starting doing pull ups again, running our obstacle course in the basement.  I am not ready for clapping pull-ups or the salmon ladder, however I am getting close.  I am getting stronger and stronger daily.  My discs are regenerating, I can feel it.  I believe it.  I journal daily.  I follow my top 10 list of things to do daily.  I am getting better.


I feel for so many people out there who are suffering from some sort of pain in their body.  I know that some of that is real, there can be real damage done.  I also know that everything is made up of 99.997% energy, so if that is the case, why can’t your cells, which are the energy, be told to do something different than they have been doing?

It is pretty cool when you think about it.

That is all for now.

To your good health & plenty of abundance!

Steve Aune


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