Posted by: Steve Aune | January 20, 2019

Abundance Attitude

10 years ago I started this blog.  It is hard to believe that it has been that long and the time has passed so fast.  Abundance Attitude was birthed by my desire to focus on a positive attitude towards abundance.  Abundance can take many forms.  If you read my first blog it is amazing how much I believe the same stuff and follow the same principals.  A lot has changed, yet some things have not changed much at all.  My first book is still a start up with several pages written.  I have since started another book that I intend to finish this year by writing at least 3 days a week, 30 min each day.

You are where you are today, spiritually, financially, relationally, mentally, physically, civically, & emotionally because of your beliefs about yourself.  Do your beliefs come from abundance or scarcity?  Look at each area and really think about how you think about each one.  I am willing to bet that there is some scarcity thinking going on at some level in each one.  I know I have them.  I can and do identify with them.  By recognizing how I think about each area today allows me to write that down and then start programming a new way of thinking about them.  Raising my level of abundance little by little.


Having an abundance attitude takes faith.  Faith in knowing that better things are coming.  Faith in believing that by sharing I am actually getting more in return.  Faith in that there are really good people out there who truly want the very best for you and your life.  Faith that God has your back and he will not let you down no matter how hard things get for you.

Having an abundance attitude means learning from experiences.  Learning from successes and learning from failures and mistakes.  Every life experience good or bad is a great learning opportunity.  You may think that the world is against you, God is not helping you, everything is going the wrong way.  The reality is God is trying to teach you something, or God is putting you through this for you to learn from it, find the good in it and bring that goodness to life.  You see it in all kinds of success stories about how people are down in the dumps, things seem to be so horrible that they can hardly imagine anything worth living.  Then, they come alive, they’ve hit the bottom and now instead of staying at the bottom, they bounce back stronger than ever with a desire to make a bigger impact.  God at work!

What ever you are going through, someone else has gone through it and persevered.  Know that having an abundance attitude is the key to moving forward.

Seek abundance in your health & happiness.  Seek abundance in your work and financial life.  Seek abundance in your civic obligations and how much you give and how much you serve those less fortunate.  Seek abundance in God the Father Almighty.  Seek abundance in your relationships, the people you love and your friendships.

Abundance is yours for the taking, start believing today!

To your health & abundance,

Steve Aune, Ninsurance Ninja



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