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Abundance Attitude 2008

This is from a book I started in 2008.

Abundance Attitude
By Steven M. Aune

By having an Abundance Attitude, you free yourself from scarcity. What does that mean? Once you have faith and believe that abundance is available to you, then you will note live day to day worrying about not having enough. If you are a business owner, you realize that abundance is all around you and that competition is healthy for your business and it could actually help your business if you have the right attitude in abundance. If you find yourself measuring up to others, or some benchmark, and all you do is hit the minimums, then have a scarcity mentality, just enough to get by.

I was at a speed networking function and while there I met some amazing people. I was eventually paired up with one of my main competitors in my industry. It seemed kind of weird to be sitting across from a competitor, even though I always wanted to meet him. You might be asking, why would you want to meet this person? Turns out that we had a lot in common, a lot of people we know in common, etc. While visiting with him, I asked questions and just listened to him telling me stories about his life and the people in it. It was really interesting. I respect the other people in my industry and never talk bad about them, because I have an attitude that there is an abundant amount of business to go around, and I am confident in my ability to attract that business to me. By getting to know my competition I may be able to help them by referring people to them that do not fit my clientele base. They just might return the favor too!! Hard to believe, however it does happen with the right attitude.

On a recent hunting trip, I was telling my friend about this book I started writing. He was asking questions and I explained my philosophy. We then talked about someone he works with who will do everything in his power to make others look bad or make it look like they messed up when in reality it was him that looked bad. He has a lot of scarcity and lack of personal accountability. If you don’t accept responsibility for your own actions or your own results, do yourself a favor, don’t blame others, and accept responsibility for your own actions. People who really are in abundance, accept responsibility.

My wife has done a great job of making new friends over the years. She has found some great people to connect with. As with any relationship or friendship, we always try to involve the other persons significant other and do a couples event. It is always a good time, I really enjoy meeting new people as well. It seems that most of the time one of us hits it off, however the other one does not. That does not mean that we abandon the relationship. I believe that I can still offer the friendship some value and make a difference in the lives of others. We may not do many couples events like we would if we all “hit it off” so to speak. What I like about meeting others is that you should not go into the relationship with a negative or I am too good attitude, because you never know what type of value this person may bring to you, and better yet, you may be able to really make a difference in their life, which ultimately displays abundance and you will reap the benefits long term.
We recently tried to set up a dinner with one of Jenny’s new acquaintances and her husband. Jenny and this other Mom have some common interests, like running, and being a mother of a preschooler. They thought it would be a good idea to get together. I am always willing to meet others, yet the other husband did not want to put for the effort to meet us, he does not need to meet more people. He has enough friends and does not need to meet more. I found this really fascinating. He is very comfortable with who he is and who he surrounds himself with, what a great asset to have. Then I start wondering is it because he will not like us? Is it because he and I are in the same field of work? Is it because he just does not want to meet more people?
All of those questions are for me to decide. What kind of an abundance attitude would I need to have to not second guess the situation? What kind of attitude would I have to have to not think about why? I believe that for me to be in abundance I cannot worry about others. I just have to contribute what I can to every relationship I engage in so that I can bring abundance into their lives. I cannot worry about what they do or say, just how I react to it.

Every time you are encountered with a decision to make, take notice if you are in scarcity or abundance with how you are thinking. If you meet another person and you are somewhat offended by what they are dressed like, drive, or live in, then you may be in scarcity on what you have.
If you are trying to figure out how to get more hours in the day, realize that everyone has the same 24hrs per day. We made up the function of time, the universe did not. How do some people get more accomplished each day and some others cannot seem to find enough time to get in all that they desire. Do they really desire to get it all in? How big of a priority is it if you run out of time?
Some people say they don’t have time to exercise. Is it really because they do not have the time, or is it not a high enough priority for them? I believe it is not a priority for them. They really didn’t want to do it anyway. What is happening in their life that is a higher priority than preserving your health? I find it interesting how people view exercise.
Some things that you can do to help you get more out of your day:
1. List out all of the tasks that you have on your mind. This means all of the small projects as well as all of the BIG projects. They could be at home or at work, etc. Some could be installing a new light fixture, dusting, repairing a damaged wall, cleaning off your desk, etc. All of these little energy drains are preventing you from attracting more abundance to you. These seemingly petty tasks suck energy from you continually whether you believe it or not. List out at least 80-100 items.
2. Now start checking them off, get rid of them. Either take some time to do them or hire it out, or just plain get rid of it.
3. Write out what is really important to you. What is your life purpose. Get really clear about this.
4. Push yourself to do more. How will you know if you are maxed out until you really max yourself out? Somebody, somewhere, has it figured out, why not you.
5. Block out your day. Take your day and break it down into chunks of time. Mine starts at 4:30am. From 4:30-6:30am, this is my time. I exercise, read, self study, plan my day, etc. It is the best time for me. I then chunk out my work day, family time, and free time. Always leave room for free time to attract new abundances into your life.

There are a lot of ways to bring more abundance into your life. The first step is in your thinking. Identify where you are not living in abundance and then start to reprogram your thinking and start acting the new way even before you believe it. Because once you do it enough, you will start to believe it.

To your health & abundance,

Steve Aune


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