Posted by: Steve Aune | March 9, 2021

Why do you let people push you around?

You read that right. You are letting people push you around and you don’t even know or think about it. I do too!

I know this sounds crazy, but it is true. You are not doing it on purpose.

Now, having said all that, you are not physically getting pushed around. You are letting others control your mind, control your thinking, and thus controlling you. By following others on social media, by comparing yourself to others, by listening or reading something and letting it affect your attitude. You are allowing external forces to push you around.

It is easy to notice these external forces controlling you? Heck NO! If it were, then the social media companies would be out of business. You do have to be very careful though. Be careful to not allow others to influence your thinking and decision making. Be careful to not allow what others have or do affect how you feel about yourself. I really think this is an epidemic problem in our society and it is getting worse as we rely more on technology for our entertainment.

You do you hang around with? Jim Rohn says you are the average of the 5 people you hang around the most. I’d say that is pretty accurate. What do they have you watching? What do they have you thinking? What do they have you doing? What do they have you saying? What do they have you reading? Where do they have you going? Is all that ok?

Start to notice when you are in envy. Start to notice when you are jealous. Start to notice when you are comparing. Start to notice when you are letting someone or something negatively affect your attitude.

If you are really struggling to get this stuff, then hire a coach. It is by far the fastest and best way to identify where you are struggling. We all have blind spots. As business owners, leaders, & family members, it is our job to get better and not get stuck in a rut that is taking us in the wrong direction long term.

#Journal about what you are thinking and how you are reacting. Write down the current thinking and actions and the feelings around those, then write down how you’d prefer to think, act and feel. Then get to work at it. You have to do something, you just can’t think about it and do nothing.

Don’t let others push you around!

Steve Aune


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