Posted by: Steve Aune | December 21, 2009

But I don’t have time to exercise…


How often do you hear that?  I can tell you that I have my own set of excuses.  The time one is not in my vocabulary though.  Everyone has the same amount of time, yet why are the results so vastly different?

Where do you focus your efforts?  What is most important to you? If you knew for certain that once you did something for 6 months it would absolutely change your life for the better…would you do it?  Of course you would.

That is what exercise, eating healthy, and having fun are all about.  Once you do them long enough, your body begins to crave that lifestyle.  Then you will live and enjoy a healthy, fun, and energized life for the rest of your life.  What you THINK today is definitely impacting your future tomorrow and 20 years from now.  If you do not THINK  you have the time to be fit and healthy today, then when will you have time?  You either pay a little now or pay dearly later.

When we had our second child and my wife and I were still running a lot, she still does, we had to find a way to get our running done outside, because we love to run outside!   Yet we still wanted to do what we do to make a difference, and have our family time.  In the summer it was much easier with the jogging stroller, however in the winter we had to sacrifice a little sleep to get in the workout our bodies craved. 

I was committed to making it work, I started getting up at 4:30am everyday for 30 days to get my body used to it.  Once I was in the groove I could sleep in every once in a while and not affect my early morning routine.  Seems pretty easy to me to get up and run outside at 4:30am until you realize that in January in North Dakota it can be 20-30 below zero!  That is what makes it interesting.  It is actually kind of fun and adventurous to get geared up to run in that type of weather.  Gear up I did.  When I would get home,  Jenny would hit the streets.  She does a lot of group runs, so they are meeting early to all run together which is really cool for her.  Since our kids would still be sleeping, I would get my run in first, then she would go do her group run.  I would get the boys up and she would get home in time for me to head out and make a difference in people’s lives!  It is all good!

I don’t tell this story to impress you, I tell it to impress upon you that if you really want the healthy and fit lifestyle that you can enjoy, you can do it.  Start THINKING that new lifestyle today in the choices you make.  Set a goal for yourself to commit to a program for 6 months in the morning, every morning for 6 months is the key.  The workout in the morning is key to sticking with the lifestyle!  I’ve written about it before, you must stick to a morning workout for 6 months, then you will crave it for the rest of your life!

But I am not a morning person…whine whine whine…more excuses.  You currently don’t THINK you are a morning person.  You are what you THINK you are.  You can change that thought today and start becoming a morning person.  Then guess what, you will be an ALL DAY person once you accomplish this.  How fun would that be?  To be an ALL DAY person where you are fired up all day long.  Nothing can stop you.

The next set of excuses are something along the lines of I don’t like to run, I don’t like to bike, I don’t have a treadmill, I don’t have…the list goes on and on.  You have to find something you enjoy in order for you to be effective.  Change your THINKING!

There are tons of workout programs at: check them out and try some.

If you still think you do not have time, please leave your comments or email me at

and I will do my best to rid you of your excuses.

To your health, fitness, and abundance,

Steve Aune



  1. I have been thinking about the p90x program how much weight equipment do I need and how long is a typical workout. Also, I have compressed discs in my low back. Do you think it would work for me?

    • If you order the P90X Package, it will come with everything you need. I like to use dumbbells, so I have a rack of them to choose from and other people use the adjustable dumbbell sets. The resistence bands will do it for you tho.

      As for the back, the only workout I struggle with in my low back(I have a hurting one too) is doing plyometrics. It could be worth a try, your core will get so strong that it may really help your back.

      Let me know,


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