Posted by: Steve Aune | October 1, 2011

It’s All About the Core…REALLY!

I hear it everywhere, you have to do more “CORE” work.  We need to get back to our “CORE” product or specialty.  What is the “CORE” of what we do?

I find it fascinating to think about all of the ways we can relate to “CORE”.  When you really dig deep and think/meditate on it, you will find that getting to CORE is way more than your mid section or your business specialty.  It can be the foundation for everything when you get down to the nitty-gritty of it.

When I talk to people I always talk about strengthening your CORE.  In the not so distant past, that reference was always about working out and strengthening the muscles of your CORE.  Lately, however, I have been stressing to people who I meet that there is more to it than just strengthening it physically, you must strengthen your CORE mentally as well.  Getting back to what your beliefs are.  What gets you out of bed everyday.  What makes you happy and energized.  Faith/Family/Fitness/Finances/Friends.

I truly believe that everyone has opportunities to improve their overall health and wellness.  It has to be lifestyle change where you want to live a healthier life to get more life out of your years vs.  just more years out of life.   CORE is the foundation to this.  Get your CORE beliefs of who you are in check.  Take the necessary steps to make the changes you know you should make.  Live like most want to live by doing what you say you will do no matter who or what challenges you.  It is a lifestyle choice, you will feel better about it and you will enjoy your life way more than most people.

Once your head is on straight, then work on that physical CORE.  If you have kids, watch them and see how they play.  What’s wrong with adults playing like that?  I hear it, I am too old to do that.  WHO SAID!  Get off your duffer, start working on your CORE so that you don’t get hurt, and have some fun with the kids.  If you do not have kids, go find some.  Become a Big Brother/Big Sister.  There are tons of opportunities to get involved with kids.

When working your CORE, you must know that you have to work it harder than you worked it when you were in high school.  It will take a long time to achieve results depending on where you are starting from.   It has been proven that if you start a workout program, it will take at least 6 months before you will start to crave it and have to do it daily just to feel satisfied.  Once you hit that, you will be amazed at how easy it is to maintain.  You should be working out, not for today, but for 20 years from now.  Know that what you do today will impact you in a big way 20 years from now.

Some things to watch for:  Don’t do it for looks.  If you fall into that trap, you are doing it for others, not for yourself.  Notice how good you feel, then use that to make a positive impact on everyone you come across.  You will get the comments and accolades from everyone:  What are you doing, you look great!?  Have no fear, people will notice.  One thing  you never hear that we should probably say is:  “What the heck happened to you?  Why did you allow yourself to put on 30 lbs?  Or, you know when you carry that extra weight, you are a walking heart attack”.  That kind of talk hurts, but are we doing them any favors by not saying something?  I do not have the answers, however there are a ton of solution.

Get back to your CORE of who you are.  Get back to CORE by training your mid section first!   Then start working on the rest.  Learn the proper techniques of exercise by reading up on it or watch the millions of videos on it via youtube.

Read:  Eat Right For Your Type, by Dr. Peter D’Adamo.  Ready anything by Dr. Mark HymanPose Tech Running.  Read up on WHEAT and how bad wheat really is for you.  Make the choice NOW to change your lifestyle!

Hold yourself accountable.  Find exercises that you love to do.  Stick with it for 6 months at least!  Always workout in the morning or over lunch.  It is proven to be the only way to keep it consistent.

HAVE FUN!!!  Get out and play.  Life is too short to lope around and complain.


Steve Aune




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