Posted by: Steve Aune | January 9, 2019

Jan 9, is your new year resolution over?

It is Jan 9, 2019.  I am willing to bet that at least on of your new year resolutions or even a habit goal for 2019 has faltered.  Be honest.

I had one of mine falter.  We made a family goal to jump rope 10 minutes a day for 365 days.  6 days in and I get the flu.  There was no way I could or should jump rope with the kind of flu I had.  And you know what?  I don’t feel bad about missing my 3 days of jumping.  I am healthy again and back in the saddle.  I will do what I can to jump rope everyday this year.  My guess is that by doing it for that many days for that long of a time period, it will become a natural part of my daily routine, just like regular exercise already is.

The bottom line is don’t feel bad for dropping the ball, don’t beat yourself up over missing a day or two.  Get back in saddle.  Get refocused.  Get motivated to prove to yourself that you can do it.  Get clear on why you wanted to do it in the first place.

What is the key to keeping on track of your goals or new resolutions?

This is going to suck, so get ready…

Write them down daily.


That is it.  If you take the time to write your goals out daily, then establish goals for the day to work towards your bigger goals.  If it is a resolution or habit based goal, write that out and then do it NOW.  I heard on a podcast recently where the person said if I could buy everyone a watch I would change out the face on them and just have it read “NOW”.  I thought that was amazing.  If your goals are attainment based, you need to write that out and also include what you are going to do to get you closer to it each day.

I do this as a part of my daily journaling.  Reach out to me if you’d like a copy of my journaling docs and instructions.

There you have it.  No secret sauce, no special gimmicks.  Just write it down and do it NOW!


Steve Aune, Ninsurance Ninja



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